“I have worked with Digital Vendetta on several projects, each better than the last. Cody, Eric and the team always deliver and surpass expectations in the process.”
— Ryan Clark // C.O.O., Byron Automation

Digital Vendetta Productions is a full-service production company, specializing in meeting the needs of clients from various fields across the professional spectrum.  Since our inception in 2012, our focus has been to develop creative solutions for our clients that help establish and enhance their brand image, whether it be through creating online video components or full-fledged television commercials.  In the current marketplace, any company or organization hoping to stand out and distinguish themselves from the crowd must do so with creative video content.  We recognize this need and search to find creative ways to fulfill clients’ visions through creative video applications.

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Our team within DV is relatively small, but efficient.  Eric Miller is the man behind the camera.  With a degree in broadcast production from Washington State University, he moved to Seattle in 2006 and immediately went to work for Victory Studios, performing a variety of tasks for a multitude of clients, including Microsoft, Google, Starbucks, and many others.  Moving on from Victory in 2008, he went to work as a videographer for the Seattle Sounders Football Club, shooting video from the field and acting as a part of the game day presentation team, often taking on projects for the Seattle Seahawks as well.  In 2010, he left the Sounders to follow another dream and tour nationally with his rock and roll band, taking on small video jobs as a subcontractor between tours.  In 2011, he was offered a role in the budding production company, Keith Rivers Films, as a subject matter expert on the Windows 8 Release Preview video.  Next, he was asked to fill the role of lead editor on the Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 commercial, “Welcome to a more Beautiful Web,” a piece that was produced in six languages with a $100 million advertising budget.  Following the success of this video, Miller decided it was time to form his own company.

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Cody Beebe acts primarily as director and producer and makes up the other half of this production duo.  Originally from the Yakima Valley, he attended Washington State University on a full-ride academic scholarship and graduated with honors in civil engineering in 2008.  Although this field promised adequate job opportunities, Beebe decided to follow his dream of playing music for a living.  Beebe met Miller in 2009 and they quickly started a band together.  The band has operated independently for nearly six years, with Beebe and Miller leading the charge in management, marketing, graphic design, web development, and online video content.  As a result of this hard work, they have had the opportunity to tour in over 30 states and 5 European countries.  In 2012, they decided to take what they had learned from past experience and together formed a company that would highlight their individual strong suits; Miller with his background in the technical and artistic aspects of video production, Beebe with his extensive knowledge in project management and creative solutions to the ever-changing digital marketplace.  Digital Vendetta was born.

In only a short time, DV has worked with a variety of clients and have aided in the brand development of individuals and organizations around the Pacific Northwest.  Beebe and Miller also work together in another new band, Rust on the Rails.  And as if they didn’t have enough business ventures together, they are also co-creators of Chinook Fest, a three-day music festival that highlights over 30 national acts while enjoying all of the best attributes of Central Washington.  Their passion and drive to help build the people, culture, and opportunities in the Northwest can be seen and felt in each of their endeavors. 

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