“DV is one of the most creative and responsive video companies I have ever had the pleasure of working with.”
— Jared Yoakum // Marketing Director, Yakima Valley Tourism
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Short, creative, to the point - able to help sell a product, place, person, or business.  We love the challenge of producing these high-quality commercials that stand apart from your local run-of-the-mill television commercial that is commonly produced by your local TV station.  Often, small businesses think they can’t afford a top-notch commercial, so they settle for the same old cheesy commercials that never seem to change with the times.  We want your pieces to stand apart.  We want them to look as if a huge budget and giant marketing company were behind their creation, but yet, it was a small team out of Central WA.  On each of the following projects, we have been trusted with not only producing these pieces, but also writing and creating the initial concepts that gave way to their overall advertising campaigns on television and social media.        

We had a ton of fun working with Jared Yoakum at Yakima Valley Tourism to see his vision come to life. We owe a huge thank you to our past clients for allowing us to use some of the stunning footage we've captured in the valley over the last few years. Putting this spot together was a walk down memory lane looking through past projects and footage that we have accumulated since we started Digital Vendetta here in Yakima.

Releasing a brand new apple for the first time in a new country is quite the task. There are so many other varieties out there, but the Rockit brand is truly unique. With its naturally small size, crisp texture, and sweet flavor, Chelan Fresh and Borton Fruit could really have an apple that will change the industry. We were happy to put this commercial together to help get Rockits out into the world and in front of retailers and consumers.

Truly from concept to creation. When the city of Ellensburg came to us looking to change up their television advertising campaign, we put together this storyline, created the music, directed, shot, and edited this commercial that was then shown in the Seattle market for roughly a year! We are really passionate about bringing attention to Central WA and all it has to offer, so this was dream project for us.

Spend Autumn in the outdoors of one of the most beautiful places in the Northwest? Sure! We had a lot of fun with this one. Any time we get to stand face to face, or rather, face to camera, with a bison, we’re in.

Fast-paced, edgy, in-your-face. This fitness team works hard to help transform people’s lives, so we took on the challenge to make a change to their marketing components and help set them apart from the other gyms in their area.

Running in heavy rotation in the Seattle market for the past year, we produced this commercial to highlight the beauty of Ellensburg and one of its more colorful residents.

The Memorial Foundation has enhanced the quality of life and health care in the Yakima Valley through building the Children’s Village, Northstar Lodge Cancer Treatment Center, Cottage In the Meadow, and so many other endeavors. Although their staff and mission statement are largely to thank, it only happens due to the financial contribution of the local businesses and individuals that support them. Tree Top has been a long-time supporter, and we were happy to help tell of this amazing partnership.