“The Digital Vendetta crew bring their genuine freshness and professional, creative energy to deliver a productive experience for their clients!”
— Janie Plath // Founder, Pegasus Project
Grandview School District Smith Elementary Math Class

There’s truly nothing more gratifying than being able to give back by helping an organization raise money and awareness for their cause.  Video can capture the emotional and heart-warming side of both the people running the non-profit and those being positively affected by its work.  Once others see this mission and feel the impact that they could also have, they are most often moved to lend a helping hand, whether it’s through volunteering or pulling out their checkbook.  We are honored to have worked with a variety of noble causes in the past few years, helping raise literally millions of dollars to assist those in need throughout Washington.

Memorial Foundation Sundquist Family Donors Yakima

Horses are not only a powerful and majestic animal, but they also have an intuition and intelligence that can be harnessed into a therapeutic arena that helps children and adults cope with a variety of special needs. Once a year at their annual SPURS gala, the Pegasus project raises the majority of its operating expenses and scholarship money through the donations of local contributors. We were honored to make this video to tell of the amazing work they do to help the community.

Heritage University has humble beginnings, to say the least. But over the years, they have established themselves as a full-fledged university with incredible academic achievement. With a large portion of their students facing socio-economic challenges, scholarships are a huge part of their annual platform. Over the past three years, we have been hired to produce a video to show directly before they do the paddle raise at their annual fundraising dinner. This year, due to the generosity of their donors, they raised close to $650,000 in one evening. We are proud to be a part of this accomplishment.

The Memorial Foundation has enhanced the quality of life and health care in the Yakima Valley through building the Children’s Village, Northstar Lodge Cancer Treatment Center, Cottage In the Meadow, and so many other endeavors. Although their staff and mission statement are largely to thank, it only happens due to the financial contribution of the local businesses and individuals that support them. The Sundquist Family have been long-time supporters, and we were happy to help tell of this amazing partnership.

This private school in the heart of Yakima provides its quality education due to the donations of local residents. We had a blast capturing the stories of the teachers, and the hilarious kids that make the school so full of character.