“On top of being professional and sensitive to my time, the DV team was creatively motivated and helped me make decisions that would visually represent what I was thinking.”
— Austin Jenckes // Nashville Recording Artist, Finalist on NBC’s The Voice

Music is a huge passion for us.  The right song can transform an experience, leaving you with feelings that can last a lifetime, bringing you joy in the saddest times, or adding perspective to the challenges and triumphs that life can unfold.  In each music video we produce, we work hard to capture the emotion of the music in a cinematic way, with a goal of creating a short film of sorts that will help build and strengthen a fanbase for the artist.

“Since arriving in the US, Cody and Eric have helped me craft my recordings and music videos, being an essential part of my music career development.”
— Blake Noble // Australian/American Recording Artist

Making a music video for your own band is a dream come true. Our team at Digital Vendetta also makes up the vocals, guitar, and bass for Rust on the Rails. After recording this song, we were offered the chance to film a video at an epic secret location. This castle allowed us to get incredibly creative with the storyline, and then we added a vintage Mercedes, beautiful girl, horse, and all of the mystery and intrigue we could imagine. We aimed to make a short film with this one and are incredibly proud of the finished product.

This video was the start of Digital Vendetta Productions. When Aussie guitarist Blake Noble approached us about producing his album and a few music videos, we took on the rather sizeable task, with a goal of producing quality content that would showcase his unique percussive guitar style, while still making a cinematic piece that would do the composition justice. We went all out for our first big project, dragging a generator and professional lighting to an old abandoned tunnel and enlisting the help of our first animal actor. Trick was, it was also the dog’s first video shoot! Oh, and don’t ask how we got the ruins to collapse, it’s a secret.

Working with a short timeline and small budget, we threw out all of the stops for this production and made the most of it. Pulling together this set build, extras, cars, etc was a challenge, but we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Another concept video for our band that came together in a really fun way. We shot this video in one day with the help of a group of friends and the old trolley station in Yakima. Nothing is more rock and roll than passing out tickets to a magical trolley ride.

Before starting Rust on the Rails, we spent a number of years traveling with this band, released two albums, and made a few music videos that meant a lot to us. This video took us all over the state of Washington and even allowed us to work with wolves and an owl at a sanctuary in Anacortes. We canoed a river, hiked in the snowy mountains, and overall, tried to tell a story that would hit home with our fanbase and hopefully bring some hope to people battling cancer or any other life-changing ailments.

Whitney Monge is an amazing talent out of Seattle, WA. She started her career busking in Pike Place Market, and has since released a few albums and played some amazing shows. When she asked if we would produce a video for her, we immediately jumped at the opportunity.

Nick Foster has become a well-respected singer/songwriter in the Seattle music scene, speaking from the heart and putting his words to thoughtful melodies. We had a lot of fun with this one, building an outdoor living room on the side of a mountain and hauling a generator, lights, and all necessary equipment to make sure we could power all of it!

Austin Jenckes is not only one of the best guys you’ll ever meet, but he also has one of the best voices you’ll ever hear, paired with incredible songwriting and heart. We loved the challenge of recording the audio and video for this song live in the Seasons Performance Hall in Yakima. The rawness of the performance really helps emphasize the true talent that Austin delivers.